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  I. Phonetics ( 5 points)

  Directions:In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  1. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. measure

  B. deadline

  C. heat

  D. Feather


  2. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. laughter

  B. enough

  C. cough

  D. Ghost


  3. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. rob

  B. climb

  C. disturb

  D. Absorb


  4. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. uncle

  B. product

  C. rural

  D. ugly


  5. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. slow

  B. shower

  C. flowwer

  D. how


  II. Vocabulary and Structure ( 15 points)

  Directions : There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are fourchoices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  6. Only in my thirties__________ a purpose in life.

  A. did I find

  B. I did find

  C. I found

  D. found



  【应试指导】句意:直到到了30多岁,我才找到了生活的目的。“only+介词短语”结构置于句首时,句子要用倒装结构。由in my thirties可知,句子应为一般过去时,只有A项符合题意,故选A。

  7. __________his telephone number, she didn' t know how to get in touch with him.

  A. Having forgotten

  B. To have forgotten

  C. Forgetting

  D. To forget




  8. These are the pictures of the hotel__________ we held our annual meetings.

  A. where

  B. which

  C. that

  D. When




  9. I wonder if there is __________ university in your hometown.

  A. the

  B. /

  C. a

  D. An




  10. It is __________ that text messaging while driving is dangerous.

  A. significant

  B. obvious

  C. necessary

  D. Sufficient




  11. My secretary usually opens my post__________it's marked "private".

  A. for

  B. as

  C. unless

  D. If




  12. My aunt's business has been doing poorly,but she's hoping that her__________ will change.

  A. emotion

  B. luck

  C. duty

  D. Fame




  13. Who should be responsible __________ the accident?

  A. at

  B. of

  C. with

  D. For



  【应试指导】句意:谁应该为这起事故负责?beresponsible for意为“对……负责”,符合题意。

  14. The old man, together with his neighbors,__________ the performance when it began to rain.

  A. have enjoyed

  B. has enjoyed

  C. was enjoying

  D. were enjoying



  【应试指导】句意:开始下雨时,那个老人和他的邻居正在欣赏表演。当主语后跟有介词短语together with时,谓语动词的数与介词短语前的主语一致。此处谓语动词的数应与the old man一致,应为单数,且此处表示过去正在进行的动作,应用过去进行时,故选C。

  15. My teacher recommended that I__________as careful as possible when I took an exam.

  A. will be

  B. be

  C. am

  D. Were




  16. Several novels by Mo Yan ___________ into English so far.

  A. had been translated

  B. were translated

  C. are translated

  D. have been translated



  【应试指导】句意:到目前为止,莫言的几本小说已经被翻译成英文。由SO far可知,句子的谓语动词应用现在完成时态,且主语several novels与谓语动词为被动关系,故应用现在完成时态的被动语态形式,故选D。

  17. The pianist didn' t __________ until the last minute before the concert.

  A. turn up

  B. turn out

  C. turn off

  D. turn on



  【应试指导】句意:这个钢琴家直到音乐会开始前最后一分钟才出现。turn up出现;turn out关掉;turn off关掉。完成;turn on打开。

  18.--I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

  --You __________ apologize ; it wash' t your fault.

  A. needn' t

  B. wouldn' t

  C. couldn' t

  D. mustn' t




  19. Let' s go to the airport a little earlier __________ we can choose better seats.

  A. now that

  B. for that

  C. by that

  D. so that



  【应试指导】句意:我们早点去机场吧,这样我们就可以选择更好的座位。SO that意为“以便,为了”,符合题意。

  20. Jason made sharp comments on Mary' s idea, but he didn' t mean __________her.

  A. to be hurt

  B. to hurt

  C. hurt

  D. Hurting



  【应试指导】句意:杰森对玛丽的观点给出了犀利的评价,但他并不是有意要伤害她。mean to dosth.意为“有意做某事”,符合题意。mean doingsth.表示“意味着……”。

  III. Cloze ( 30 points)

  Directions:For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, Cand D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackeningthe corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  Where do cars get their energy from? For most cars,the answer is petrol. 21__________some cars useelectricity. These cars have 22 __________motors that get their power from large batteries. In 23__________ , thereare even cars that have 24__________ an electric motor and a petrol motor. These types of cars are 25__________ hybrid ( 混合 ) cars.

  Most people tend to think of electric cars as a new 26__________ ,but they have been around for a longtime. In the 27__________ 19th and early 20th centuries electric cars were common because the technology for petrol engines was not very advanced. But 28__________ the petrol engine became easier to make and more powerful,this type of engines became the most 29__________ . Interest in electric cars was high in the 1970s and 1980s because 30__________ became very expensive. Recently, electric cars have again become well-liked because people want cars that pollute 31__________

  Electric cars are better than petrol cars 32__________ several ways. The biggest benefit is reduced pol- lution. In areas 33__________ there is a high percentage of electric cars, pollution is not that serious. The second benefit of electric cars is a 34__________ in the dependence on foreign oil. Several countries don' t want to 35__________ on oil from other countries. Since electric cars can run on electricity from coal or nu- clear power stations, there is less need to import oil.

  21.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. But

  B. Nor

  C. Or

  D. And




  22. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. traditional

  B. common

  C. same

  D. Special




  23. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. summary

  B. detail

  C. time

  D. Addition



  【应试指导】此处意为:此外,甚至有电动马达和汽油马达两者兼具的汽车。in addition意为“此外,另外”,符合题意。

  24. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. all

  B. both

  C. either

  D. Neither




  25. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. described

  B. regarded

  C. called

  D. Known




  26. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. invention

  B. influence

  C. instrument




  【应试指导】invention发明;influence影响;instru—merit工具,手段;intention意图,目的。此处表示“大多数人认为电车是一种新的发明”,故选A。 27. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. last

  B. beginning

  C. recent

  D. Late



  【应试指导】此处表示“在19世纪晚期和20世纪初期”.in the late l9th century意为“19世纪晚期”,符合题意。

  28. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. unless

  B. after

  C. before

  D. Until




  29. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. popular

  B. comfortable

  C. difficult

  D. Dangerous




  30. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. motors

  B. power

  C. cars

  D. Oil




  31. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. much

  B. more

  C. less

  D. Few




  32. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. by

  B. in

  C. at

  D. On




  33. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. when

  B. where

  C. what

  D. Which




  34. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. start

  B. need

  C. reduction

  D. Rise




  35. 请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. put

  B. hold

  C. rely

  D. Keep



  【应试指导】此处意为:有些国家不想依赖来自其他国家的石油。rely on意为“依靠,依赖”,符合题意。

  IV. Reading Comprehension ( 60 points )

  Directions:There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D.Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  Passage One

  As we recently discovered, there is a Stepmother' s Day, though it is not on any official holiday calendar. So,it would be safe to assume that there is a similar day for stepdads, too. Right? Well, it depends on what you read. A Google search brought up posts that say, for example," It' s on father' s day--father' s day is for fathers, step-fathers and people who are like fathers to you--it' s a day for making father figures feel special. " Further searching found a Stepfather' s Day Facebook page that says, "The unofficial Stepfather' s Day is the fourth Sunday of June. "Unfortunately, as of the publishing of this article,only 30 people have "liked" the page. Considering that studies show 3.3 million men, or 11.1% of U. S. fathers, live with at least one stepchild, that' s only a drop in the ocean.It's interesting to note that there is a National Grandparents' Day. President Jimmy Carter signed it into law in 1978. Law ! While grandparents are undoubtedly special people in our children' s lives,they are often seen as the most loving family members. But what about the stepparents? The stepparents are the ones who are often the outsiders,the ones who have to endure the hurtful "You're not my dad!" or "You're not my mom!" And yet they never give up. They do their best to over- come the inherent challenges of stepparents and be role models for their stepchildren. These unsung( 未被颂扬的 ) family heroes deserve "official" days of honor. Perhaps if we are loud enough, Presi- dent Obama, who had a stepfather himself, will sign into law National Stepmother' s Day and National Stepfather' s Day.

  Are you with me? Follow me and get your voice heard. How cool it would be if we could make

  this happen !

  36. What does the underlined word "that" in Paragraph 1 refer to?

  A. 11.1% of U. S. fathers who live with at least one stepchild in the U. S.

  B. 3.3 million men who live with at least one stepchild in the world.

  C. Father figures who are equally honored in the U. S.

  D. 30 people who support Stepfather' s Day on the Facebook page.




  37. What did President Jimmy Carter sign into law in 1978?

  A. The National Stepchildren's Day.

  B. The National Stepparents' Day.

  C. The National Grandparents' Day.

  D. The National Grandchildren's Day.



  【应试指导】由第二段前两句可知,Jimmy Carter总统在1978年签署通过了祖父母节。

  38. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word "inherent" in Paragraph 2?

  A. Inevitable.

  B. Lasting.

  C. Unbelievable.

  D. Tough.




  39. What is the reason for setting an official holiday for stepparents?

  A. Because they are often seen as the most loving family members.

  B. Because they deserve respect and honor as family members.

  C. Because they love their role as stepparents.

  D. Because they are often treated as heroes in the family.



  【应试指导】由第二段倒数第二句“31aese unsun9…deserve‘official’days of honor.”可知,B项符合题意.故选B。

  Passage Two

  Most students choose "Homestay" accommodation when they study abroad; others select Home- stay even if they are not on a study visit. Statistics show that it ' s a form of accommodation gaining in popularity all the time.

  But what is Homestay? And what makes it so popular?

  Homestav means hying with a family, or "host family" as we say. There are three ways of doing


  * choose to learn English in a language school near to your Homestay location;

  * have your English classes in the house with a member of the family who is a qualified teacher;

  * select not to have classes at all when you visit--a popular choice if you want to do the tourist thing for example.

  Even in their busy summer period the organizations that arrange the Homestays will always try to place you with the most suitable host family to match your requirements. Placement (安置) organinations think about location, interests, language level, eating requirements, allergies (过敏) and other requests you may have.

  Though prices vary according to your needs, good quality Homestay accommodation can be rela- tively economical --and although you may be charged an extra amount of money if you want your Homestay in or near the city centre. Even if you stay further out, you can expect your journey into the centre not to exceed 30 minutes.

  Not only does Homestay accommodation represent value for money, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to practise English with your host family. This is a very important extra for students who like to speak as much English as possible. But if you plan to learn English, why not have your English classes in your host family? There' s no better way to learn English than this--the perfect combination of learning and accommodation combined with the cultural experience!

  40.Homestay is an ideal choice for students who . A. want to learn statistics

  B. plan to study overseas

  C. plan to visit relatives

  D. want to stay at home




  41.Who will consider students' requirements before their Homestay starts?

  A. The language school.

  B. The host family.

  C. The English teacher.

  D. The placement organization.



  【应试指导】由倒数第三段最后一句“Placementorganizations think about location...other requests youmay have.”可知,D项符合题意,故选D。

  42. Which of the following is a key factor affecting the price of Homestay?

  A. Students' specific needs.

  B. Students' language level.

  C. Nationality of the host family.

  D. Eating habits of the host family.



  【应试指导】由倒数第二段第一句“Though pricesvary according to your may be charged anextra amount of money if you want…”可知,影响Homestay价格的关键因素是学生的特殊要求。

  43. What can be inferred from the passage?

  A. The author finds Homestay accommodation expensive.

  B. The author finds Homestay arrangement complicated.

  C. The author is in favor of Homestay accommodation.

  D. The author is doubtful about the safety of Homestay.



  【应试指导】从全文特别是从最后一句“There’Sno better way…”可看出,作者对Homestay这种住宿方式是持支持态度的,故选C。

  Passage Three

  Using less energy around the home is easier than you might think, saving your money while creating a healthier, more comfortable living space for you and your family. Changing a few old habits can make an impact on your energy bill, your comfort and the environment. Here are some handy tips to make your house more energy-efficient.

  Lower the heat

  If your home has adjustable central heating, lowering the room temperature even slightly can make a difference. You may not feel it, but your wallet will. It is even more advisable to control temperatures at different times of the day.

  Hang clothes out to dry

  If the weather allows it, head outside and dry your laundry on a clothesline. The sunlight will help eliminate bacteria and dust. While clothes dryers get the job done faster,they also use up energy.By hanging your clothes out you' ll be cutting greenhouse gases by about three kilograms per load.

  Take advantage of natural light

  Installing large windows on the northern side of your house can help you make use of sunlight' s natural warmth. To stay cool indoors on hot summer days, install blinds (百叶窗) to block the heavy sun. Put your desk near the window ,then you don't need a lamp in the daytime.

  Wrap (裹) your pipes

  Be sure your hot-water pipes are properly wrapped. In an average home, heating water accounts for more than one-quarter of the energy bill. Why let warmth go to waste before it reaches you?

  Choose the right size for appliances (家用电器)

  When the time comes to replace appliances, select those that are both energy-efficient and of theappropriate size for your needs. Don' t buy bigger ones just because you can.

  44. What benefit may using less energy at home bring about?

  A. Enlarging your living space.

  B. Keeping old habits unchanged.

  C. Having a healthier living environment.

  D. Improving your work efficiency.




  45. Which of the following is one of the advantages of hanging clothes out to dry?

  A. It gets clothes dry much faster than clothes dryers.

  B. It uses half the energy that clothes dryers do.

  C. It may help to build a greenhouse.

  D. It helps remove bacteria in clothes.




  46. What can be installed on the northern side of your house to make better use of natural light?

  A. Shades.

  B. Windows.

  C. Blinds.

  D. Curtains.



  【应试指导】由倒数第三段第一句“Installing largewindows on the northern side of your house Call helpyou make use of sunlight’s natural warmth.”可知.B项符合题意,故选B。

  47. Besides energy-efficiency ,what else should be considered when replacing appliances?

  A. Proper size.

  B. Good quality.

  C. Replacing time.

  D. Reasonable price.




  Passage Four

  I talk to strangers for a living and love the challenge of getting their stories published in news- papers. I' ve been married for years, but until six months ago, I could be a typical absent-minded husband. Often I was just nodding when I was supposed to. When my wife asked, " Did you even hear what I just said?" I would defensively say,"Of course I did".

  In January, I began to lose my voice. Doctors told me I needed surgery, or my throat would bepermanently damaged. Total silence would be required for the first few weeks of my recovery.

  Two hours after the surgery, my eyes filled with tears as my two-year-old son looked puzzled because I wouldn' tanswer his questions. I wanted to talk but couldn' t. Luckily, I' d recorded myself reading some of his favorite books. That would come in handy the next couple of weeks.

  When I got home, I noticed a "side effect" : as my wife talked to me to keep up my spirits, I wasn't just hearing her; I was listening to her. Over the next few weeks, I didn't want to miss a word she said. I began to hear sweetness in her voice. It had never left. I' d just stopped noticing. I found myself understanding her better on topics I' d previously dismissed as "things I just don' t get as a guy". I also realized my son wasn' t just talking nonstop but that he often had thoughtful things to say. Even while walking my dog in the woods near our home, I began hearing pleasant patterns in birdsongs. Before my surgery, I' d have spent those walks on my phone.

  After several weeks, I was fully recovered. Conversation in our house is better now, not because I' m talking more. I' m just listening better and becoming less and less surprised that I like what I hear

  48. According to the passage, the author is most likely a __

  A. journalist

  B. doctor

  C. driver

  D. Teacher



  【应试指导】由第一段第一句“I talk to strangers for a living…getting their stories published in news-papers.”可知,作者最有可能是一位新闻工作者。

  49. What does the wife mean by asking "Did you even hear what I just said?" in Paragraph 1 ?

  A. You didn' t have to nod while you were listening.

  B. You should tell me what I said just now.

  C. You should listen to me.

  D. You didn' t want to talk with me.



  【应试指导】由第一段最后四句可知,作者在家里听家人说话时总是心不在焉,所以当他的妻子问“你听到我刚才说什么了吗”时,她意思是“你应该听我说”,故选C。 50. What is true of the author after the surgery?

  A. He was unwilling to talk to his wife.

  B. He was unable to communicate with his son.

  C. He was required to keep silent for the first few months.

  D. He was worried about his recovery after the surgery.




  51. What did the author realize after the surgery?

  A. His dog liked pleasant birdsongs.

  B. His son didn' t like talking.

  C. His wife was a talkative woman.

  D. His house was full of pleasant talks.



  【应试指导】由最后一段最后两句“Conversationin our house is better now…I like what I hear.”可知,作者手术后更喜欢倾听家里人的谈话了,家里也充满了愉快的谈话,故选D。

  Passage Five

  Coconut (椰子) is an unusual food for many reasons. It is one of the largest edibleseeds produced by any plant. Its unusual contents also make it unique in the seed world--it consists of both"meat" and "water" inside. The coconut meat is the white substance with which we are all familiar, as it is used extensively for cooking and flavorings; the coconut water is a white and sweet liquid. Portuguese (葡萄牙) explorers gave the nut its name in the 15th century, referring to it as coco, meaning "ghost" in their language. The outside appearance of coconuts reminded them of a ghost's face, and the tree.has had that name ever since.

  The coconut has varied uses. It is used to make various cooking oils for fast-food restaurants around the world to make diet materials. The coconut fluid is a favorite drink in hot climates, providing a cool and refreshing beverage right off the tree. This water is also used by manufacturers of various sports drinks. Even the shell itself has many uses, including animal food and fertilizer.

  Yet the coconut is also useful in many ways that have nothing to do with food. Coconut oil is used for cosmetics (化妆品), medicines, and so on. Dried coconut shells are used in many countries as a tool for shining wood floors. The shells are also used for shirt buttons, and are commonly found on Hawaiian clothing. They are even used for musical instruments and bird houses.

  And all these are only some of the uses found for the coconut fruit. The coconut tree, which produces the nut,also produces many useful things. It' s no wonder that the coconut tree has beentaken as "the tree of life".

  52. What does the underlined word "edible" in Paragraph 1 mean?

  A. Eatable.

  B. Available.

  C. Visible.

  D. Collectible.




  53. The coconut got its name because of__

  A, its round shape

  B. its ghostlike appearance

  C. its hard shell

  D. its white color




  54. What is the passage mainly about?

  A. Types of coconut seeds.

  B. The discovery of coconut.

  C. The history of coconut.

  D. Uses of coconut.




  55. What can be learned from the passage?

  A. Coconut fluid can become fertilizer.

  B. Coconut trunks are houses for birds.

  C. Coconut trees are useful plants.

  D. Coconut oil is rare and expensive.



  【应试指导】由最后一段最后两句“The coconuttree,which produces the nut,also produces many use—ful things.It’S no wonder…”可知,椰子树是很有用的一种植物,故选C。

  V. Daily Conversation ( 15 points )

  Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete thefollowing dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  A. I'll catch up on my reading to kill time

  B. There isn' t a cloud in the sky

  C. Did you catch the news today

  D. How long have you been waiting

  E. Have a nice day

  F. Don' t forget your book

  G. Where are you going today

  H. That' s not our bus

  (At a bus stop)

  Mary: We couldn't ask for a better day,could we?John : I know. 56__________ . I love this time of the year.

  Mary. : This bus seems to be running late,doesn' t it? 57 __________ ?

  John : I' ve been here for at least ten minutes.Mary : Ah, here comes a bus !

  John: Oh good. Wait! 58__________ . That bus goes downtown.

  Mary : Well,it looks like we' 11 be waiting a little longer. 59__________ ,I guess.

  John : Oh, I' m afraid you have no time for that. Here' s our bus.

  Mary: Oh great! I thought it would never come.

  John : 60__________ !

  Mary : You too.











  VI. Writing ( 25 points)

  Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write an essay in English in 100 - 120 words based on the following information. Remember to write it neatly.

  61.你(Li Yuan)在英语学习中遇到了一些困难,希望得到帮助。请给你的英国笔友(Jason)写封信,内容包括:










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